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My Experiences of Finnishness

What actually is Finnishness? In my opinion it is everything that is considered to be Finnish or associates with Finland. The first things that come to my mind are sauna, salty liquorice, tranquility and our amazing, pure nature.


First words to come to mind when thinking about 'Finnishness' is nature, snow, sauna, salmiakki, vodka, coffee (it may come as a surprise for some that Finnish people consume the most coffee in the world) and of course, ice hockey.


In this blog post I will tell you what Finnishness means to me and what some Finnish ways can be surprised and may cause amusement in the world.

My Narrow Slice of Finnishness

This blog post describes my view on the concept of "Finnishness". Sauna [ˈsɑu̯nɑ], nature, personal space and perseverance are things first in mind.


When I think about ’Finnishness’ and Finnish culture the first things that come to mind are our appreciation for our ‘personal space bubbles’, respect for nature, and honesty.