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My View on Finnishness

I moved to Finland almost five years ago, the original plan was to stay only for one year, but somehow, I’m still here. During this time I have learned a lot about the Finnish culture and even partly adapted to it.


When I reflect on what Finnishness means to me, I am reminded of the vibrant threads that weave together our cultural identity. Finland is a nation known for its unique touchpoints that make us stand out in the global tapestry of cultures. From our love for coffee to our passion for heavy metal music, from our dedication to cleanliness to our deep connection with nature, and from our innate kindness to our humble nature, Finnishness encompasses it all.

What Makes Me a Finn?

What makes me a Finn? This question is challenging for someone like me, who believes that a world without borders between 'us' and 'others' would be preferable. Nevertheless, I have discovered certain aspects that perhaps make me slightly more Finnish than, let's say, Swedish. Read on, and you'll find out what they are!


What is finnishness? It's everything that has something to do with Finland, basically.

Are we Finns really that tough as people say?

The nightless night and lightless days

"How can you sleep with so much light?" "Doesn't your internal clock get confused when the length of the day varies all the time?" I cannot say because my internal clock has never experienced anything different.


My thoughts on finnishness, equality in and the finnish nature and culture.