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What small talk culture?

In Finland, silence is not necessarily uncomfortable; it can be a sign of comfort and respect toward others' time. Finnish small talk is a doorway to the genuine and authentic people.

How little I know

I recently came to think that I know rather little about my country despite my curiosity that has taken me to many places around the world. This summer I visited the northmost part of Finland and it was a very eye-opening experience to me as I had only ever been to the southern Lapland before. Neither have I really seen the eastern parts of my country. The Sámi culture, the Karelian and the Roma culture are all very unknown to me, to name a few. I might say the same about rural areas and their lifestyles and livelihoods. How could I say I know my own country?

Me, myself and my Finnishness

I have travelled quite a bit and lived and worked abroad before. I can make myself home anywhere, but I still strongly identify as a Finn. Finnish nature, culture, food and language are important to me.

Nature and culture as a symbol of national identity.

The relationship that Finns have with nature is a close one and as such is reflected in their culture and lifestyle. Finland is known for its stunning natural beauty, with many forests, lakes, rivers and protected wilderness areas, making nature for many Finns a place of tranquillity and peace, where nationals can escape the stresses of urban life and connect with their natural surroundings.

We Finns - Mikko Louhimaa

In this blog post I ponder Finnishness from the perspective of its social dynamics and the contrast between its modesty and appeal. I address the question of why Finns keep coming back to Finland from travelling or living abroad.