The simple life in Finland

My point of view on the way of life in Finland, built on embracing the simple building blocks.

Us Finns have a reputation for being reserved and valuing our personal space. The way I see it, this preference isn’t born out of isolation, but rather a desire for inner reflection, peace, and a sense of calm. This trait may often surprise outsiders, but it’s a large part of our identity and how we approach our daily life. I see this often show as us being a lot more honest in many situations, as well as being able to deal with a lot of things without asking for plenty for plenty of help. Of course, this does easily lead to stubbornness for many people, due to figuring things out on our own rather than asking for help is the easier option for many. The aforementioned preference of calm and peace can be visible in the love of nature which us Finns have. Whether it’s the tranquility of a lakeside cottage or the peaceful moments spent in saunas, us Finns find peace of mind in the stillness and easily use it to recharge our spirits.

As I illuded to above, one of the defining aspects of Finnish culture and Finnishness is our profound connection to our unique nature. With the vast forests, numerous lakes, and other breathtaking landscapes make it very easy for us to develop a deep appreciation of our nature and the outdoors. In my eyes many of these things are something we tend to take for granted. In my opinion, nothing feels more Finnish, than spending a summer night in a remote sauna next to a lake. Taking in the peace as well as the nature in the moment, I don’t think can be recreated elsewhere. The four distinct seasons in Finland also have a significant impact on our daily life and cultural practices. From the celebration of our Juhannus to the quiet contemplation of the long winter nights, we can easily adapt and find beauty in each season. The appreciation for the cyclical nature of time reflects our deep understanding of the rhythms of life as well as our surrounding environment.

To conclude my thoughts, I feel us Finns have perfected the art of finding peace in our surroundings and we have built a way of life which celebrates these values. As we are reading these blogs as well, we are all reminded of the importance of slowing down, connecting with nature, and finding tranquility in our busy lives.


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