Me, myself and my Finnishness

I have travelled quite a bit and lived and worked abroad before. I can make myself home anywhere, but I still strongly identify as a Finn. Finnish nature, culture, food and language are important to me.

Finnish nature at its purest is breathtakingly beautiful. Living in Tampere means that you are never far away from a lake or a forest. There are numerous outdoor activity possibilities, many of them completely free of charge. The cleanliness and safety of Finnish nature makes it easy and worry-free to spend time in it.  


Finnish culture might be difficult to explain to an outsider, but once you are in, it is pretty great. For an introvert, there is enough space to be alone and the need for privacy is generally well understood. For an extrovert, there are always like-minded people to be found and plenty of activities and happenings to take part of.  


Finland has its own traditional foods, but what I love is how much our food culture has changed in the last decades alone. Finland is getting more multicultural and we have so much more opportunities in our everyday grocery shopping as well as with what restaurant to go to. Many Finns complain how our traditional foods are boring and bland, but still we get upset if we cannot eat them during Christmas, Easter, Midsummer etc. I think it just goes to show how no matter how much we might complain, we still love our traditions.  


The language. It is said to be difficult to learn and I can only try to imagine how weird it sounds to a non-Finnish speaking person. To me the most beautiful thing about Finnish is how many opportunities it gives me to express myself. I never run out of words with my native language and I love all the different dialects. Finnish is different to any other language and I think that it brings us Finns closer together. We might be distant, but we have a skill that only a few million people in the entire world have: we speak our own, weird little language


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