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Finnishness blog

Welcome to read my thoughts about Finnishness. What's the best place on earth? Finland in my opinion. Why? Read the text below to find out!

Finnishness blog

Finnishess has very unique characteristics and beautiful nature. Finnish people think diffenrent ways but they compine anyway the same method which is the finnishness. In This blog post I will show some perspect which describe the finnishness.

About Finnishness

What Finnishness is and how Finns experience it. I'll tell you a little bit about our culture here and give you a little taste of Karelian pasty in the form of pictures. Peremmälle, as we say!

We Finns - Mikko Louhimaa

In this blog post I ponder Finnishness from the perspective of its social dynamics and the contrast between its modesty and appeal. I address the question of why Finns keep coming back to Finland from travelling or living abroad.