Personal Space and Ducks _ Finnishness

By keeping the safe distance from everyone, can all find the piece as the naturally built wheel in the ecosystem never stops.

Probably one of the most difficult cultural difference that an East Asian would experience in Finland is existence of the personal space. And while living in Finland for a few years now, I analysed by myself that people here knows how to build their boundary. That was certainly an impressive thing. Finns are internationally known as introverts. Ironically, that looks like ducks I see everyday.


I see ducks everyday in the backyard of the apartment. Funny thing is that when a person walks across where they are sitting, they slowly move away. Usually wild animals fly away fast when a human approaches them. But ducks look like they are used to humans already. At the same time, they are not like dogs or cats. Ducks and humans never really seem to interact. But ducks themselves also don’t interact with each other.


Seeing them for the first time, I thought they are forming a crows like humans. Around rubbish bin. around 20 ducks were sitting on the ground, or slowly walking. When I observed them, I realised that they are all doing something different. Forming a certain numbers of individuals, and never interrupt each other’s boundary. That is the Finnishness I experienced. I saw the same tendency from humans. It was a fresh experience to find that from wild animals.


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