What i love the most in Finland?

Something about finnish nature

In Finland we have four different seasons. Winter, spring, summer and autumn. It’s our richness, cause people has so different preferences about weathers. Explain usually old people suffering hot heat. Gladly for them we have short, only few months lasting summer in Finland. However, young people often enjoy summer. We have so many lakes in Finland so in hot summer days it’s so easy to go cool yourself.  Many finnish also likes do winter sport, so it’s nice that we also have few months winter-time. Sometimes we don’t have so much snow in winter but we have our Lapland where people can travel to enjoy for winter.

We also have so much nature in Finland. Many forests and pretty nature reservoir. Our nature is so clean and the air we breath is one of the cleanest in world. I think our nature is so special thing and people respect that, because we also have ”jokaisen oikeudet” in Finland. Jokaisen oikeudet (before jokamiehen oikeudet) means everybody’s rights in english. It means that them rights give the opportunity to enjoy the country’s magnificent nature and the opportunities it offers. The law says that everybody who is living or visiting in Finland has the freedom to roam the countryside, pick up berries, fish with a line and rod, and enjoy the natural. Everyman’s rights also means that you can’t do some things in finnish nature. Example like you can’t hunt or fish without special relevant permits, cut down or damage growing trees, disturb animals, or throw carbage into nature.

In Finland we have many national parks and there is not possible to use everyone’s rights. National parks has their own rules. There is separately marked areas where you can camp and make a fire.

National parks are very well cared. There is usually already made firewood. Paths are in good condition and easy to walk. There are usually signs on the routes and sometimes nice small information about nature like berries, trees or forest’s animals.

In my opinion, forests are the most beautiful thing in Finland and i hope people will respect them also in future.


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