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Traditional Finnish food

When I thought what the concept of Finnishness means to me, I remembered a Finnish food. Some traditional Finnish food might seem and taste very odd to foreigners. For example, salmiakki is a very popular finnish candy and Finns loves it. I love salmiakki also. However, social media is full of videos when people all around the world tastes salmiakki and most of them don’t like it. I remember when I was in elementary school and we had a abroad student in our house. In breakfast table we offered for her traditional Finnish foods like ruisleipä, karjalanpiirakka and mämmi. Often when exhange students come in Finland, they need to taste these traditional finnish food, which I now will introduce.

Me, myself and my Finnishness

I have travelled quite a bit and lived and worked abroad before. I can make myself home anywhere, but I still strongly identify as a Finn. Finnish nature, culture, food and language are important to me.