Traditional Finnish food

When I thought what the concept of Finnishness means to me, I remembered a Finnish food. Some traditional Finnish food might seem and taste very odd to foreigners. For example, salmiakki is a very popular finnish candy and Finns loves it. I love salmiakki also. However, social media is full of videos when people all around the world tastes salmiakki and most of them don’t like it. I remember when I was in elementary school and we had a abroad student in our house. In breakfast table we offered for her traditional Finnish foods like ruisleipä, karjalanpiirakka and mämmi. Often when exhange students come in Finland, they need to taste these traditional finnish food, which I now will introduce.

Salmiakki might be odd to foreigners, because it tastes same time salty and sweet. In Finland, salmiakki is used as a spice in many diverse products, such as alcohol, ice creams, soft drinks, potato chips and even meat products. Salmiakki is also known in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Germany and Holland.

Salmiakki has many healty effects. For example, it is very effective in getting the bowels moving, because salmiakki have a laxative effect. Some people find that salmiakki also relieves the symptoms of a sore throat. The singers can even open their voice by sucking on salmiakki. Salmiakki is helpful if you suffer from low blood pressure. With the help of salmiakki, you can raise your blood pressure, as long as you take care not to raise it too much.


Ruisleipä is bread made from rye. Rye bread is very popular in Finland and a Finns who living abroad stereotypical always misses rye bread from Finland. Rye bread is chosen as Finland’s national dish. It is an important part of Finnish cuisine, and in Finland rye is consumed the most in the world. Nowadays there are rye chips also, which are more heathy than ordinary chips.




Karjalanpiirakka is a traditional Finnish pastry. Karelian pasties has a thin rye crust with a filling rice. Usually karelian pasties are eaten with butter, or egg butter, which is butter mixed with chopped-up boiled egg. Karelian pasties has been registered as a traditional specialities guaranteed by Finland.


Mämmi is a traditional Finnish food made from rye flour, rye malt and water. Mämmi is usually eaten with sugar, vanillacream or milk especially as a dessert during Easter. Mämmi is black and it might seem and taste very odd to foreigners. Mämmi is also shares the opinions of Finns. Othes likes it and others don’t. I like mämmi when it has a lot vanillacream on top.



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