When I think about finnishness and Finnish people the first things that comes to my mind are safety, sisu and equality between people. Even though we Finns are quite shy and sometimes afraid to take big risks, we still have a huge amount of sisu. Sisu means that we have the willpower to go far.

Finland is the one of the safest countries in the world to live. As a woman you can walk outside alone as well as you can trust the police. As far as equality is concerned, women and men have the same rights in Finland. For example, a woman can go to work even if she has children and a man can stay home with children instead.

I think our nature is stunning. We have rivers and lakes to swim in the summer and skate in the winter. Finland has extensive forests for hiking or berry picking. Our air and water are super clean. In Lapland, you can even drink water straight from the creek (at least I’ve done it myself).  However, the best part is that we have four seasons. In summer there is midnight sun when the sun doesn’t set at all. Once you’ve spent the best summer of your life, it’s nice to move on to fall and winter and spend dark evenings by candlelight.


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