The land of the lakes and forrests. Thats what it really is.

One of the first thing that comes to mind, when I talk to foreigners or someone just asks me why I like living in Finland, is the nature. The things I remember about my childhood are mostly connected to nature. Finland is mostly coverd with forrest and water. Many Finns love moving in the forrest and enjoying the things it offers. These things can be quiet, fresh air, smells of the forrest, berries or mushrooms. Some even say that the forrest is their church. We have this thing that is called “every man´s rights” so you can example move freely in any forrest by walking, running, biking or skiing. Also you have the right to pick berries, mushrooms or plants and also swim in the lakes and fish.  The rights of course  dont apply to consevation areas. The clean  forrests and water are something we sometimes even take for granted.

In the winter you can enjoy the lakes and forests in many ways also. Skiing, walking with snowshoes, iceskating on the lakes or sledding is a fun way of spending free time. And the feeling what it feels like to go to the ice hole in the lake after sauna, you can not really describe it.

But my favourite thing is the happiness what you feel when its quiet in the summer, you are in you summer cottage and the sun is setting. You hear the birds and sometimes catch a fish jumping in the lake. You have maybe just came from the sauna and feel totally relaxed. That’s finnishness.



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