Nature and privileges AND SAUNA

For me, Finnishness is a wonderful nature, people and privileges. And ofc sauna. Especially now that the exchange is already behind me, you really understand how privileged we are. And how easily privileges are taken for granted.

In the summers, we usually enjoy the beauty of Finland in cottages or otherwise hiking in nature. In winter you can enjoy skating or downhill skiing. Sauna every year depending on the time remains our tradition. Oh, it’s sad when you realize that you can’t even go to the sauna every week.
Finland also has privileges, which are especially visible to students, sick and unemployed people. Privileges also bring a lot of help to this exchange study opportunity as well. Yes, I recommend that many come to visit Finland and see for themselves what Finland is like.
So you have to be proud of our nature, respect our privileges and go sauna almost every day!


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