I’ve travelled a lot during my life and being Finnish is something that I have always thought during my travels. I have lived in Finland my whole life and finnishness is a big part of who I am and how I see the world in daily life. Finnishness, in my opinion, represents an appreciation for nature and people. I believe that nature is a big part of being a Finnish person. In Finnish nature water and water systems describes the Finnish landscape and our national identity. But also (in my opinion), forests and fields reflect the Finnish landscape. I think it’s very pure and it reflects to the authenticity and honestly of the Finnish people.

Finnishness can also mean other things too, such as health, education and equality. Finland is known to have a free good public health and education system, which is a privilege. Every Finnish person is allowed to have a good health and education and I think it shows the Finlands equality. 



Most of Finnish people love to go to sauna and enjoy the woods burning in the wood-burning sauna stove, swim in the lake and chill with close friends or family members. For me these things are very important for being a Finnish person and as a Finnish person that’s the most Finnish thing for me. Sauna refreshes and relaxes after a long day and it brings you close to the nature.



In Finland ice hockey is a big thing and it brings people together. It represents joy, team play and a lot of strength and guts, as we Finns call it ’’sisu’’. I think ice hockey shows that Finnish people have a lot of ”sisu” and I recognise myself having that too. Skiing and all the other winter and summer sports, especially outdoors are very Finnish things. All in all finnishness can be a lot of things and I believe that it tells and shows what we appreciate as Finnish persons, how we can get trough hard times and appreciate what we have right here right now.


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