My experience of Finnishness

When I think about Finnishness the first things that come to my mind are clean nature, lakes, pure and domestic food, good education system and equality.

I think nature plays major part of the Finnish culture. It is key element of exercising, having hobbies and to relax and enjoy good company, whether you are running, skiing, fishing, picking berries or hiking or just walking your dog.

Finnishness is also equality and having the same good quality education for everyone. In Finland women have the same possibilities as men do and can be even presidents or prime minister if they want to.

The education system allows everyone to have free education all the way to university and supports the students financially. This means that everyone has the possibilities to live the life they want.

Finnishness is also being proud of being Finnish. This was something that was pointed out to me during a vacation where I discussed with a Norwegian. He said that he found it fascinating how Finnish people in a certain way have this very deep pride of being Finnish. He compared to it Italian culture and said that he has not noticed the same with other Nordic countries. Whether it comes to cross-country skiing, Ice-hockey or Kimi Räikkönen, or Sauna, Finnish people take a great pride in these and like to go Torille if so.


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