What is finnishness? It's everything that has something to do with Finland, basically.

Finnishness is a lot of things. I am a Finn and I’m proud to say that. Finns tend to be proud people and don’t say sorry over nothing. But that makes us tough. We need to survive the varying weather from -30 to +30 degrees. That is calle the Finnish sisu. And all the mosquitoes. A Finn knows it’s summer when one starts hearing the high-pitched whining of mosquitoes. And the tune of the ice cream truck. Oh the ice cream truck. The highlight of my childhood.

One biggest aspect that makes Finland well, Finland is our beautiful language. Even tho having finnish as my native language, I still struggle whith it. Maybe that tells how personal the language is. There’s nothing like the finnish language. But luckily to all foreigners, most Finns are pretty good with English, so you’re all good here.

Finland has the most metal bands per capita than any other European country. We also consume coffee the most per capita. Finland was once again ranked as the happiest country is the world so maybe those have something to do with it. Well at least if I hear good (metal) music and have a cup of black coffee in my hand, I’m all good. But be prepared, if a Finn hasn’t had their morning coffee yet, it’s propably the best to stay quiet until the cup is at lest halfway finished 😉


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