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What I appreciate most in Finland

Summer cottage and wonderful forest.

Finns (including me) are a cottage-loving people. Cottages are usually places to unwind and escape from everyday life. In summertime I really enjoy spending time in my cottage, play different games example cards or yard games, reading book by the fireplace, go to the sauna and swimming in lake and just forget about all the stressful things. Just sit on the pier, watch breathtaking landscape, and of course enjoy nightless night with friends, family and of course with cold beer. I don’t know if I am crazy, but I really enjoy yard work too, cutting the lawn, painting, woodwork.

I appreciate our unique nature. After beautiful summer, my favorite thing is that you can find different mushrooms and berries from the forest. First you go and take your time in the forest, looking for mushrooms and berries and you collect many liters of them. After that you clean them (this takes really few hours) and then you prepare them. You can make some blueberry pie and some fried mushrooms with potato…. SO SO SO GOOD!!! The nature in Finland is wonderful and hard, to find on anywhere else in the world. That is what makes Finnish nature so great.



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