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Finnish aspect to sauna & forest

In Finland, the sauna is a big part of life. Almost every house has a sauna. People go to the sauna to relax and feel good. It is normal for families to use the sauna together. Friends also enjoy saunas together. The sauna is quiet. People talk softly or stay silent. This shows that Finns value peace and quiet.

Finns love forests and lakes. They often spend time in nature. In the summer, they go to their summer cottages. They swim, fish, and pick berries. Nature is very important in Finland. It is a place to relax and feel free. This connection to nature shows that Finns value simplicity and calmness.

This shows well, how much we appreciate what we have and value that over stressing lifestyle. It has not always been like that and that is thank to war-veterans who made it possible.

Finnish communication

Finns are known for being quiet and reserved. They do not talk much, but when they do, they are very honest. They say what they mean and do not like small talk. This shows that Finns value honesty and directness. When you compare it to Norwegians, because I have lived here now for while, they are also straightforward but a bit more social. They enjoy talking about everyday things, like the weather or their plans for the weekend. Norwegians are friendly and open, but they also respect personal space and privacy. This shows that Norwegians value both community and individuality like Finnish person does.

In a nutshell, even though we think we are very impolite or not a small talkers, like a stereotypical Finnish person is, it has came because we respect the peace and personal life over socialising and it just how we are.


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