Finnishness for me

For me Finnishness and Finland is all about peace. The peaceful nature and safe society have created an excellent environment for me to grow as a person and explore my purposes in life.

For me Finnishness and Finland is all about peace. I know that no country is perfect but Finland has always been a safe place for me, which I have been fortunate enough to call home throughout my life. Over the past few years, I have tried to pay attention to the small and simple things that a Finn can easily take for granted.

Finnish society is built on the principles of justice and equality which promote peace and stability. One of the greatest things about Finland, in my opinion, is the opportunities provided by society to study and advance in one’s career regardless of background. It feels to me that the atmosphere in Finland has become more tense in recent years due to various factors, but I hope and believe that with the honest and friendly Finnish spirit, we can improve our collective direction.

I consider myself a lucky person. I have been raised in a wonderful and loving family and I have been surrounded with lots of great friends. Finland would be the best place to stay in my comfort zone but I’m eager to see what other places have to give to me.

Clean air and beautiful nature of Finland has been very important aspect in my life. There’s nothing better than a warm sauna with my friends at the summer cottage surrounded by nature and lakes. Truly magical moments…


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