Finnishness to me

Being Finnish and Finnishness means many things

If I categorize this, we have people, culture, and nature. Maybe there could be more categories or subcategories, but I’ll go with these.

Finnish people are at the same time stubborn and loving. We are honest and not so good with social interaction a.k.a small talk. Some might think that we are rude when we are not making eye contact or just go into silent mode. We also want to that on the bus the place next to us is free, no doubt about that. We also go to the market ‘torille’, when we are somehow mentioned abroad. Also, there’s something why we are the world’s happiest country even though over half a year is cold and dark. It’s who we are, and once get used to it you appreciate it.


We are proud of our culture. Classical sauna, booze, and tar might not be as valid as they used to be, but at least sauna and sisu are still on top of our hearts. We have Santa Claus’ home, Moomins, Marimekko, Nokia (the famous phone that even Chuck Norris is afraid of), and also good music for example Nightwish, Sunrise Avenue, and Darude. I think, there are no words to describe our sauna culture.

Last, but not at least, the nature. Thousands of lakes, and when we are lucky we have green summers and white winters. We do fishing, swimming, hiking, skating, and of course skiing. We got northern lights and reindeer. This is also something where one picture tells more than a thousand words.

To summarize is nice to be a Finn 🙂


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