On Holy Trinity and Housing

reflective building

Finnishness is cornucopia of food products available, and safe, dry, and warm houses.

They say the Vatican is the seat of holy power on earth, but in Finland we have the holy trinity: Lidl, Kesko, and S-ryhmä.

During my experiences abroad I’ve come to realise the sheer abundance of products in our super- and hypermarkets. There are all sorts of food products from around the world, vegetables and fruit from the other side of the planet, flown over here because Finns really, really need avocado in their salads. Not to mention coffee.

It’s great.

But we have our own, local food as well. For example, A Finnish company is the leading producer of gluten-free oats in the world, as here there is high level of expertise (great education) and the technology is up there as well. Expertise married with technology, that lets the experts expertise to their full potential.

And if you can’t find what you’re looking for, there are all sorts of smaller auxiliary stores of different nations, which provide foods and other products from their respective cultures.

As a final note, I would like to turn your attention to the skill and structural beauty of Finnish buildings.

Finns have really nailed the building process. Warm, cosy houses in the dead cold of Winter, with no moisture condensing on the walls is a luxury. Granted, older buildings might still have some indoor-air problems, but the new ones are amazing. When you have 100% humidity inside the house during the Winter and the temperature is a degree or two lower inside than outside, you really come to appreciate the dryness of Finnish Winter and housing. It’s almost like they’ve made the buildings to last a lifetime by automated air circulation and high quality materials.


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