What do I appreciate in Finland?

I want to share my thoughs about three things in Finland what I appreciate most. 


  1. Nature

We have lots of national parks and forests where to wander around in Finland. In forest my mind settle down and all the worries get smaller. When you walk through a national park you can see there reindeers, foxes, rabbits, lots of birds or even predators like a wolf or a bear. I like to spot animals on my trips and respect them. They live in our rough climate around the year and survive to live.


  1. Freedom

We have change to choose what do we want to study, where do we want to work or live. We have lot of privileges what we don’t even notice, because we are so used to them. In my daily life I do hundreds decisions just as I want. We are lucky to live like that.


  1. Honesty

The finnish people are mostly honest and outspoken. You don’t have to guess what does somebody meant or think did they just try to make you comfortable to get benefits from you. When you make up a plan with somebody they will show up and do the thing. Also if things doesn’t go like it should, we don’t give up easily. We have strenght and sisu inside of us!


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