Courses for International(ly Minded) Students

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Interested in meeting new people and learning at the same time?

Would you like to get to know students coming from different countries, meet with them in casual settings, learn their languages and culture and/or teach them your own, and get credits for doing that? If you became interested, Each One Teach One is exactly for you.
Take a look at the course description and check out the blog diaries of students who have completed the course, and if you became interested, fill in the registration form by 30.8.2020. Those accepted in the course will be notified by email on 1.9.2020, and they are invited to attend the kick-off info on 2.9.2020 at 15:00 online (details given later).
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Attention all international students! Want to visit local schools (face to face or online) and get a credit for doing that? The School Visits course is aimed at all exchange and foreign degree students at TAMK, and it consists of three visits to local comprehensive or secondary schools and participating in lessons for example by giving country and culture presentations, helping with language teaching, demonstrating how to cook the national food of your home country, etc. The students are awarded 1 credit for completing the course. For additional information, see the course description.
If you would like to participate in this unique course, please fill in the registration form highlighting your skills before 30.8.2020, and then wait for the local schools to contact you. The schedules for the visits are always agreed upon separately.
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