Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese, German - online language courses through KiVAKO!

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KiVAKO is a joint project of 25 Finnish universities, with funding from the Ministry of Education and Culture. This autumn, the project is piloting language courses of 3–5 credits on the Moodle platform of the DigiCampus project.

Students from the schools participating in the project can sign up for web-based language studies. The courses listed below are based either on English as the support language or on the target language alone. These courses are thus also suited to students who do not speak Finnish.

Course Credits CEFR level School in charge of course
KiVAKO: Chinese 3 & Chinese characters 3 5 cr A2.1 Aalto
KiVAKO: espanja 7 (Spanish 7) 3 op B2 Aalto
KiVAKO: Portuguese 3 3 op A2.1 Aalto
KIVAKO: saksa 8 (German 8) 3 op B2 Tampere University


  • Read more about the courses from 31 August 2020 onwards by clicking the name of the course. You can access the starting page of the courses in DigiCampus as a guest.
  • Level 1 courses start from the basics. Levels above 1 require previous studies or skills sufficient for studies at the CEFR level mentioned. Before signing up, please read about web-based language learning and course selection here.
  • The starting page of each course includes a short course description and a link to the sign-up form. The link is also available here.
  • Each project university has a confirmed place for each course. Course places will be drawn among those who sign up. Therefore, sign-up order is not decisive. Places possibly left over will also be drawn.
  • The sign-up period is from 31 August to 6 September. Information on course places will be sent by e-mail in week 37.
  • The courses will take place between September and December 2020. More detailed information on timing is provided in the course descriptions.
  • Questions relating to sign-up will be answered by email starting from 31 August 2020:


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