Fast Track to Professional English Online Course

A heart that includes words in English, such as "fun", "nursing" and "engineering"

For engineering / health care students who want to study at an accelerated pace to complete their studies and who have the ability to study English of their special field both independently and with students from different professional fields.


Upper secondary school courses (A-level) or an equivalent level (health care students)

Working English for Engineers or equivalent skills (engineering students)



1) Write a formal email application containing the details mentioned below by 8th Sep 2021 8.00 pm to


2) Additionally, send in a one-minute-long informal video clip of yourself presenting something you are enthusiastic about. Deliver the video clip via WhatsApp: Kirsi Saarinen 040 800 4326. To help me find your submission in the flood of other postings, please do not forget to write “Fast Track” in the e-mail subject line and the WhatsApp text field.

Your e-mail application should contain the following:

How do you intend to use English in your process of becoming a professional in your special field. Give concrete examples of the role of English in your current studies. Describe your development in English skills. What are your aims i.e. what do you intend to achieve during this process and beyond. (300 words)

Assessment of the e-mail

-appropriate subject line, salutation and closing

-message meaningfully structured, language clear, error free and polite

Assessment of the video clip
-fluency, communicative elements



13.9.-15.10.2021 as a Moodle course + final project (video presentation)



Kirsi Saarinen tel. 040 800 4326


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