Student's opinions on the Security Governance Track

We asked students for their opinions on the Security Governance track!

Why did you choose this program? What intrigued you?

“Security issues interest me, I felt like this program can give a broad range of subjects to choose from. I wanted to do second masters from a subject that directs my expertice toward specific career paths.” – Hanna

“I already had knowledge on international security but I wanted to focus more on security itself, to acquire more knowledge on governance, risk management, crisis management and this program offered that. Moreover, the flexibility to choose courses from other master degrees that matches my interest is also interesting for me.” – Laura

“The possibility to combine my cyber security experience with other areas of security.” – Akseli

“Personal interests and the city of Tampere as a cool city to study and live in.” – Anssi

What was your study/career background before starting SAFER?

“BA and Master of Arts in History, started in SAFER before I graduated.” – Hanna

“I have two previous degrees, in International Relations and in Communication with a specialization in International Security. I have experience in think tanks and diplomacy.” – Laura

“Information Systems Science, cyber security.” – Akseli

“Food economics and marketing + part-time work in vehicle financing services.” – Anssi

What does security/safety mean to you?

“Very important and interesting field, many possibilities. Need for securiry professional will grow in the future.” – Hanna

“Security is a state in which there is freedom from any threats.” – Laura

“Freedom of movement and minimized risks, certainty regarding a long-term future that allows planning.” – Anssi

The program is multidisciplinary. What niche are you interested in?

“Conflicts, policing, defence/military issues. Gender and security, NATO and EU. Too many niches to choose from.” – Hanna

“I am more interested in international security and “hard” security in general.” – Laura

“The overlapping area or cyber security with physical security.” – Akseli

“Reconnaissance, organized crime and human intelligence. Foresight.” – Anssi

What would you say to someone planning to study this program?

“Apply, you won’t lose anything. If you can, move to Tampere. The field has many possibilities, so you can really choose what to study and where to specialice based on your interests.” – Hanna

“I do recommend it for anyone interested in widening their security and safety knowledge to further areas.” – Akseli

“Highly recommended if modern politics and security are topics you are interested in.” – Anssi