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Bakhtawar Khan is a second-year MSc (Tech) student of Security and Safety Management Engineering from Tampere University

SAFER Student Story by Bakhtawar Khan

Hi, my name is Bakhtawar Khan and I am a second-year MSc (Tech) Security and Safety Management Engineering student from Tampere University.

What was your study/career background before starting SAFER?

I did BSc (Tech) in Civil Engineering from Pakistan’s renowned National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST) in 2016. After my graduation, I worked till 2021 until I came to Finland for my Master’s.

I was working on a project that was dealing with disaster-conflict nexus situations in certain countries and it made me realise the importance of having highly qualified professionals on board that are well-versed with different concepts of risks, resilience, security, and safety management and, more importantly, safety and reliability analyses. I wanted to learn more about this aspect and thus, chose the program offered by Tampere University as it aligned with my goals perfectly.

For me, security and safety come from taking a moment to be aware of one’s surroundings and taking consequent measures to protect oneself and those around. I am actively interested in exploring technology’s security and safety aspects in today’s world. This is why I am trying to focus my master’s thesis on a similar topic.

I am working full-time as a Research Assistant at Tampere University, along with this program. Thanks to the very flexible study plans and Moodle, which allows me access to my classes at any time, I can manage my full-time job with my Master’s studies.

This degree program is a perfect opportunity for prospective students to explore their interest in security and safety management in every discipline that one can think of as new professions will continue to emerge in both the public and private sectors, locally, nationally, and globally, and the prevalence of Security and Safety in such an environment paves the way for innovation and a brighter (but safer) future.