Transition to sustainable CE requires a brave attitude and willingness to learn together

15.5.2020 Riikka Tapaninaho, Anna Heikkinen & Johanna Kujala

Circular Economy Panel, March 12, Responsible Business Research Seminar 2020

The 8th Annual Responsible Business Research Seminar (RBRS) was organised in Tampere in March 2020 just before the culmination of the coronavirus situation. In the light of an emerging global crisis, the seminar participants were able to listen topical research projects that aim for promoting responsibility, sustainability and ethics in business. As the impacts of COVID-19 epidemic have shown us, the current economic system and business models are struggling and reaching their limits.

A panel on Sustainable Circular Economy (CE) was organised as part of the research seminar. It was organised in collaboration with the strategic research consortium CICAT2025 Circular Economy Catalysts: From Innovation to Business Ecosystems that aims to facilitate the transition from linear to circular economy. CE has been suggested as one possible solution to the increasing demands for a more sustainable economy and business. The panel was moderated by professor Hanna Lehtimäki (University of Eastern Finland) and senior lecturer, docent Anna Heikkinen (Tampere University). The discussion revolved around three themes related to CE:

  • What is sustainable CE?
  • How can we enhance cross-silo stakeholder networks and ecosystems?
  • How can research enhance this transition?

Please, read more from CICAT2025 research project’s blog



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