Team challenge realization: Communication issues

The last challenge of the year and the course! 

First of all, stoked to get to the holidays. Also, what a course this has been! Definitely a great way to start our journey here at Proakatemia. I’ve never written blogs either so this has been an interesting experience, looking forward to writing more! It’ll be hard to write essays after this though since I’ve just poured my heart out here for the past 4 posts so thanks for that!



The topic for this last team challenge was quite interesting and felt like this’d be extremely beneficial for everyone. Just like in the previous challenges, there was so many different paths the teams could’ve taken with this topic which is good. It brings depth and enables everyone to learn something new especially in the last week of the cycle, sharing. 

With our group, we decided to focus on well being – how to create routines, habits and just in general how and what it means to balance your life. What is well being? How to fix those bad routines which you know are bad but you still do them? Well at least I and my other teammate thought that was our topic – I’ll get to that later.

We started to do our action part to this challenge quite late due to other big projects and deadlines attacking us heavily from other classes. The last weeks before the christmas holidays have been absolutely crazy. This class just felt like something that could wait a little bit and where we could make a compromise which obviously wasn’t very smart. Well we started on planning the project a week before the presentation even though we had the normal 3-week cycle. The team work felt a bit messy since we had so many people – I’m guessing like 5…? However we seemed to agree on the direction of the project which I personally thought was what I listed on in the beginning. We also agreed on the structure on how we would execute this and go on from here. One of our team members would send out a pre-task file to the rest of the team where everyone would need to list down their good and bad habits/routines they have going on in their lives. We agreed that one of our team members would have a short introduction to how brains work and how to build these habits since he had read a book regarding to him about this specific topic so it sounded good for him to do it. In the sharing part after the introduction to the topic we would go onto having a free conversation about what everyone wrote down to their pre-tasks and discuss together how people are maintaining their good habits and what we could do to fix people’s bad habits. By doing this every individual would have 2 chances to possibly realise something new about themselves or find solutions to some of the problems they have or even realise that there is a problem in their life. First by doing self-evaluation and writing down their own good/bad habits. Then they would have another chance to see things in a new perspective by hearing others’ experiences and to get to share their own experiences if they wish. 


This plan sounded great and we all agreed on this at least we thought we did. Apparently the night before there were changes that were made and the discussion was had our Teams group channel quite late the night before the sharing part which I or my teammate didn’t follow. There obviously was a miscommunication there and it was a good learning curve for the whole team. Many things could’ve been done better, especially starting the project earlier and using the whole 3 weeks on executing the project. 

However it’s been good to think about this project afterwards and we also went through these things freely within the group and there’s no hard feelings towards anyone! Everyone acknowledges the situation as a learning curve which speaks of itself about the strength we have in this team and the willingness to learn.

This next 3 years is going to be great!


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