1. Meeting - lunch talk

Talking about differences and similarities in studies and universities in Finland, China and Germany

We met us in the canteen and had together for lunch. We talked about studying and prices in Finland, China and Germany. I learned that in China you have to pay tuition fee at universities, therefore, it is more expensive to study in China than in Germany. Kaili also told me that in China it is normal to wear school uniforms in middle school and high school and explained the advantages by showing pictures. I didn’t expect to learn that, and it was really interesting for me because it is so unfamiliar for German schools. I was also surprised that in Chinese schools the national flag is raised every week. On my part I told her what we have to pay for studying and what it means to be European citizen and to benefit from Erasmus and Interrail tickets. We found that for both of us it is unusual to be as amicable with the lecturers at the university as we were in Finland. Consequently, we could adhere to our plan in such a way that we learned about differences and similarities in education systems in China, Germany and Finland, which are part of the culture.
It was really comfortable and enjoyable to learn and teach in such a simple dialogue while eating. For me the biggest challenge today was to teach in English. But already within this hour my English became better.


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