10th Meeting - Last cup of coffee (15.12.2023)

Last meeting with Marina

We had our tenth and final meeting in Robert’s coffee. We spent the meeting discussing what we had learned during our previous meetings and talked about our plans for the future.


We compared Christmas and new year’s traditions between Finland and Spain. I found the Spanish tradition of eating twelve grapes to welcome the new year interesting and unique. There are also some differences between Christmas music in Spain and Finland. This wasn’t a surprise to me since some Finnish Christmas songs are absolutely unhinged. Where else could you find a Christmas song about a lonely grandmother or a pig raised to be slaughtered and eaten? Spanish Christmas songs were exactly what you would expect them to be, bright and bubbly.


For the first time in a while, we had some trouble trying to explain concepts to each other. It was quite hard to find the words to describe some of the traditions.


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