Blog 1 Emotions and children in Vietnamese: Today I was surprised by a little bundle of energy that took over the learning experience. Coka was able to switch between English, Finnish and Vietnamese as proficiently as she was able to shift between feelings. We went on an adventure together and I learned a list of emotions in Vietnamese. As I helped Myko to emphasize the S and differentiate the SH, I quickly realized how difficult it was to pronouce new words in a new language with a new set of phonetical structures. I didnt know that a small girl would teach me so much about feelings. As she ran and played, we ate ice cream and discussed the many different words for different emotions in multiple languages. I was thrilled to see how quickly a child can adopt a new language with an energy and flow that inspires adults. The emotions that I practiced most were, anger, sadness, disappointment, happiness and frustration. These I repeated and wrote down many times in the phonetic form to help me remember how to pronounce later on my adventures to Vietnam. Hopefully I will only need to learn happiness!


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