3rd meeting: Cooking Spanish/German food

Tortillas de patatas

We decided to cook together during our 3rd meeting so we met at Juri’s place. Paula taught us how to make “Tortilla de patatas” and I showed them how to cook “Apfelpfannkuchen”.

For the Spanish omelet, we peeled four potatoes at first. After that we fried them in the pan. In the meantime, Paula cracked the five eggs and put some salt on it and scrambled them. In the end, when the potatoes are a done you also add the scrambled eggs into the pan. The most difficult part was to turn the whole omelet upside down, but Paula showed us a trick: Use a plate that helps you to turn the omelet without breaking it. Et voilà, the delicious omelet was ready to eat.

Paula also translated some ingredients: four = cuatro, Potatoes = patatas, five = cinco, eggs = huevos, salt and oil = sal y aceite. I was also really surprised that the omelet is called a tortilla in Spain.

Later, I also showed them how to make apple pancakes. I did not want to cook the most obvious German dish so I thought I would try to cook something that not everybody associates with Germany right away. I also taught Paula the German words for the ingredients.

While cooking we listened to Spanish, Swiss, and German music which made it more fun.

It was very interesting to learn more about the Spanish culture and it was the first time ever that I have heard about a Spanish omelet. Even though I have already been to Spain for vacation, I have never tried it before. But I am sure I will cook it again! 😊


Theresa Kranz


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