9th meeting - City center + coffee


In this meeting we went to the city center and had a coffee. We still didn’t know if it was going to be the last (face-to-face) meeting or not, so it was practically a goodbye.
Dorka, Josef and I are Erasmus students, and we were talking about the end of this experience. We were talking about our evolution in Erasmus. How we were the first days, the friends we have made, the memories we keep in our minds…
For a moment, we were a little sad because none of us want this to end. Also, now that we know the Finnish society, we all agree that our countries (Czekia, Spain, Hungary) should learn a lot about rights, tolerance, respect, etc.
Later we were talking about future plans, but none of us are 100% clear. Anyway, it was a very nice meeting and we said goodbye in case we didn’t see each other again πŸ™


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