18. Sep. 2023 First meeting on campus

Getting to know each other first

It was a pleasure meeting my partner Viktoriia for the first time today. Because of the course time, we chose to meet on campus and discuss how to start our EOTO journey.

During this meeting, we did not rush to start teaching/learning right away, but introduced ourselves as much as possible so that both parties could understand each other’s situation, the direction they wanted to learn, and their goals. At the same time, we also talked about the learning status of Chinese and Russian college students, how’s their attitude and how much the efforts they put in. This will help us create teaching materials for each other in the future, making teaching more efficient and allowing our partner to truly learn what she wants to learn.

Viktoriia is a second-year student. She participates in many projects in her course, and I learned that she has passed the Finnish 1 exam, which shows that she is a real learner and she is willing to put in effort and time for her own learning. I’m glad to have such a partner. Looking forward to our second meeting.


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