First meeting in Kaffila.

In our first session we met, and we had coffee together.

First meeting (18.09.2023)

We are a group of four girls, Chiara and Laura are German, and Marlen and I are Spanish, and we had the first meeting in the center of the city of Tampere. Exactly, we met for coffee at the cafeteria called “Kaffila”.

First of all, we introduced ourselves so we could get to know each other, each of us told what city she lived in, what she was studying, what her age was, why she decided to come to Tampere on Erasmus… From there we began to tell what our cultural shocks had been, just arrived to Finland. We have talked about the difference in prices in Finland compared to our native countries (cheaper and expensive: “günstig und teuer”), we have commented that in Spain we usually speak very loudly compared to the rest of the countries… Also, we have spoken that we miss some foods, the Spanish miss the potato omelette, the serrano ham… and the Germans “brezel”, “knödel”, “maultaschen”…

Even so, we can say that our cultures are not that different either because we all miss blinds and curtains, however here in Finland they are not usually used, on the other hand, we miss air entering our room, this action is called “Stoßlüften” in German.


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