Second meeting in TAMK

In the second meeting we have been in a study room on the TAMK campus talking about our languages, their similarities and differences.

Second meeting (20.09)

The second meeting was at the University of TAMK, as we all study at this university campus. We met in a workroom, where we sat down at a table with our computers. Just as we lifted the lid of our computer screens, we noticed that we had different keyboards. For example, Marlen and I (Spanish) have the letter “ñ” and Chiara and Laura have: ö ,ä ü.  It is also curious that we all have the “z” and the “y” but in different order. From there, we talked about how we think the languages sound to us, i.e. we think that German is louder and slower, and Spanish is more melodic and fluid.  We mentioned that there are polysemous words in both languages, i.e. words that are spelled the same but have different meanings. While we were talking about differences, we started talking about social networks, for example in Spain we obsessively use BeReal, Tiktok… and in Germany, Snapchat.

Afterwards, we teach each other the basic words to start a conversation in both languages, such as good morning (“guten morgen”), thank you (dankeschön), you’re welcome (“gern geschehen” or “kein problem”), see you later (“Wir sehen uns später”), my name is (“ich heiße”)… And curious expressions such as “Etwas ist niegel Nagel neu”.

The conclusion of this meeting is that the next day instead of focusing so much on the language itself, we would like to talk about everyday life in the other country. Like their cultural tastes: music, series…


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