Dinner Time

Today we decided to have some national dishes for dinner. Therefore, we met up together at the grocery store (päivittäistavarakauppa)and bought all nescessary ingredients (ainesosia).
The German dish was “Sauerkraut” (Hapankaali), Schnitzel and Mashed potatoes (perunamuusi).

For dessert we chose “Runebergin tortut”. Even though Runebergs texts were written in swedish, he is considered the national poet of Finland.
After finishing grocieries we went to one of our flats & started cooking. Here we talked about the ingrdients and also what they are called in our different languages.Potato is perna in finnish, which makes perfect sence, as their origin is the continet of south america.

While we had dinner we talked about several topics like our courses and how schools work on our homecoutries. We also listened to some finnish and german music. It were funny and chatty hours and I enjoyed the evening.

What I learned for myself is, that some words in finnish are quite similar to german. I learned about the basics of vocabulary connected to kitchen, cooking and groceries.


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