First meeting (French-Korean)

We met for the first time at the appartement I share with Louann because the weather did not allow us to walk outside as planned. we introduced ourselves in our native languages and it was fun because Hayoung had already study French before so she understood what we were saying quite well. I learned to count from 0 to 10 in Korean and some greetings like hello, goodbye, thank you, etc. The hardest thing is really to understand the pronunciation because the alphabet is completely different from the one I know. I often needed Hayoung to dissect the words to better understand and pronounce them. With Louann, we reviewed with Hayoung what she already knew such as basic presentations sentences, etc. Besides, she really has a great accent ! It was so fun to see each other in real life, I liked a lot the experience even if I was a little stressed at the beginning.


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