First meeting (BGD-CZE-FIN-HUN-ESP)


The first meeting with my “Each one teach one” group was at TAMK University (HUBS).

This first time we just wanted to talk about how we wanted to focus our meetings. There I first met Kasimir, Jannatun and Josef. Dorka was also there, but I already knew her.

We started making the preliminary plan and agreed on which language each of us wanted to learn and teach. As I want to learn Finnish, Kasimir is the one who teaches me. Him and Dorka want to learn Spanish, so I’ll be his teacher.

We set about making the preliminary plan, and decided that we wanted to learn the basics of each language. In my case, I want to learn numbers, colors and some useful words for everyday life (for example, to be able to do the shopping without the translator). We decided on a date for the next day, and we decided that it would not be a meeting at the university, it would be outside, taking a walk, and Kasimir offered himself to prepare a tour of the architecture of tampere.

It was a nice first encounter !


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