First and second French-Korean meetings

15.02.2022 – First meeting

For out first meeting, Hayoung came to our apartment. I was really anxious before the meeting (I am anxious for basically anything in my life) but the meeting spent very well.

We started by talking about what is Hayoung’s actual level in French and introduced ourselves in French, before she introduce herself in Korean. It is not easy to find things to teach to someone who already know a bit of French, so you can’t do too easy things, but whose level is not really high, so you are scared to do too complicated.

She taught us how to count from 1 to 10, what are the main vowels and consonant and how to say “hello”, “thank you”, “sorry”, “good bye”, “please”, “what time is it ?” and “how much is it ?” in Korean. The most difficult was to be able to pronounce words, it was like gymnastic for cheeks and tongue and I need to keep training.

24.02.2022 – Second meeting

We met at Hayoung’s apartment for our second meeting, she had cooked some Korean specialities for us. It was so good but soooo spicy for me, I thought my mouth was on fire.

Then, she taught us some other new sentences like “my name is Louann”, “what is your name ?”, “I am a student, I come from France”… As during the first cession it was difficult to pronounce so I tried to write the phonetic and it really helped me, I will not be good at writing Korean but it doesn’t matter for instant.

We tried to teach some French sentences to Hayoung thanks to a website she found which references the most important things to know in French and we tried to explain the difference between “j’ai envie” and “je veux” (which has no English equivalent…) amoung other weird things we can find in French language. We ended by a non limited list of songs and films or series which are good to learn French (but it was hard to find films with Korean subtitles and French audio at the same time).

Before we left, she gave us a bookmark with Korean symbols on it, I chose one with traditional masks, thank you again Hayoung !!



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