MEETING 06. - Spanish Dinner

After the German dinner we did a delicious Spanish dinner.

We met at Marlens Apartment, near Hervanta for our Spanish dinner. We prepared together some Spanish tortilla (potatoes with eggs and cuttet onions). Potatoes called in Spanish = patata bravas, in German = Kartoffeln. The heaviest part making tortilla is flipping the omelette in the pan. And important never forget salt for your tortilla.

We also made some toasted bread with olivoil, tomato and on top manchego cheese. It is my absolute favorite kind of cheese. So i was very excited about that:)

Bread is in both cultures very common. But I defiantly prefer the German bread.

We talked also a little bit about how different the apartments are in comparison to our apartments in our home countries. For example they don’t have a extractor (in German = „Dunstabzugshaube“, in Spanish = also extractor).

We had have a very funny and delicious evening.


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