Meeting 7 - Lunch on Hervanta Campus

We met again for lunch in Hervanta Campus.

For our 7th meeting we met at the canteen in Hervanta Campus for lunch as we all live nearby. We spoke in English but also spoke some German which was nice as I always like practicing it. We spoke about the financial costs of living in Finland compared to our own countries. For me, the cost of living is relatively similar to Ireland so it does not make much of a difference. It is more expensive, however, for people coming from Germany and Hungary and it was interesting to hear their views on this. Something else which I could not relate to as much was switching between two languages all the time. As everyone on the erasmus speaks English,  there is no need for me to switch languages making it much easier for me to handle. The two guys said they find it difficult sometimes to switch back to their other tongues. Talking about this made me eager to practice my foreign languages, such as German, even more in the future.


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