Meeting 8 - Walk in Hervanta

We went for a walk around the lake in Hervanta for our 8th meeting.

The end of the Erasmus was getting near and it was time for our last few meetings together. The weather started to pick up and it was really nice to be out just in a t shirt. It was very interesting too to see the lake in the Summer as I had only ever seen it frozen before now. We spoke about the difference in the landscape and how the changes occur so quickly. We all agreed that it was beautiful and that it was a shame to be leaving Finland at such a time. We spoke about the differences in animals in our countries, for instance, squirrels are bigger in Germany than they are in Finland and Ireland. I also learnt the German word for squirrel – Eichhörnchen. We then talked about star signs – Sternzeichen – and religions in our countries and how they are perceived. I found that each of us had different views on them depending on where we were raised. It was a really nice afternoon and I really enjoyed it.


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