MEETING 8- hockey match

At this meeting we went to watch a hockey match, something very typical in Finland.
I learned a lot about hockey in Finland, its importance and also the rules of the game. I was explaining to Tiina how hockey is in Spain.
We were also talking about the difference in climate between Spain and Finland, especially in winter. We both learned and showed how is the winter in our countries and the customs that each one has.
It was very interesting to know the big differences between our countries at Christmas time.
This meeting was very cool because it was very entertaining to watch the hockey match. However, the worst thing was that it was very noisy and it was difficult to understand each other.

We were also going over the numbers in Finnish as they were constantly being called out by the commentator!!

I really enjoyed the meeting and we adjusted well to the initial plan as we were talking about the cultural differences and customs of the countries.


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