Second meeting: Cooking and baking

Our second meeting was at Essi’s place, but first, we went grocery shopping together.

We decided we’re going to make “Runebergin” and “Sauerkraut mit Kartoffelpüree und Kasseler” since they are traditional Finnish and German foods (or at least they are quite popular there).

Along the cooking/baking process, we were teaching each other new words and phrases in our target language, mainly on the topic “cooking” and wrote them down later on. After that, we ate together while we were listening to Finnish, German, and even Hungarian music.

It was much easier for me to memorize the new words this way because I learned them in practice. I also got to know what is the difference between Finnish, German, and Hungarian ways of teaching in high school and at the university. It was not quite expected but we found out that Hungarians and Finnish people do have some similar words, for example, “Joo” = “Jó”.

We had a nice chat and a great time! 🙂


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