First meeting at a café (German/Finnish)

On our first meeting, we did not only discuss our learning goals and activities we want to do in the future, we also taught each other, how to order small items at a restaurant or at a supermarket in Finnish and in German.
I learned, how to order a coffee in Finnish and what typical phrases cashiers are using in Finnish when paying items at a supermarket. We taught the German learners how to order the bill in a restaurant, how to order meals to go, how to ask if products are still in stock and how to say if you want to pay cash or with card. It was challenging, to teach German as a foreign language and to distinguish formal and informal phrases.
  • Yksi kahvi kiitos = one coffee please
  • lasku kiitos = we would like to have the bill
  • otatku kuittia = would you like to take the receipt?
    • ottaa = to take
  • Haluatatko kuitto = do you want the receipt?
    • haluta = to want
  • kartti / kortilla = card
  • käteinen / kateisellä = cash
  • tippi = Trinkgeld
We also talked about the cultural differences, for example that it is very common, to pay cashless in Finland, while many small shops, restaurants, cafés or bars in Germany only accept cash, although this changed since the pandemic and paying cashless gains more acceptance and popularity in Germany. We have also learned, that the Finnish word “kiitos” can be used both for saying “thank you” and for saying “please”.


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