Second Meeting: Cooking traditional dishes (Finnish/German)

For our second meeting, we have planned to cook traditional German and Finnish food and went grocery shopping together before. Our learning goal was to teach and learn the names of the supermarket products and of the ingredients we were using for our recipes. Besides, we also learned and taught the words of different kitchen utensils, like fork (=harrukka), spoon (=lusikka) and knive (=veitsi). It was difficult, to focus on a certain word group because there were a lot of new words, so we tried to focus on the vocabulary for the ingredients and for the kitchen utensils, we actually used for our recipes.

Astiat = cutlery
Ruoka = food
Hyvää Ruokahalua = enjoy your meal!
Haluata = to want
Minä haluaisen … = I would like to …
Peruna = potato
We also found out, that the Finnish word for “mnemonics” consist of the same two words, like in the German translation (donkey & bridge = Aasintilta = Eselsbrücke). It was difficult for me, to remember the new Finnish words quickly and to pronounce them correctly, but we helped each other with some mnemonics, to remember the new words in the right way.


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