German "Karneval"


On our 7th meeting we talked about Carnival in general and especially the German one. The name of Carnival differs in Germany from region to region and there are some rivalries around which carnival is the best.

Our plan was in the beginning to watch the “Rosenmontagszug” together, but in the end we just talked about carnival in general and ate donuts or “Kräppel”. Carnival is a very big event in Germany and we compared it a bit to the Vappu festivities in Finland. The celebrations last for multiple days with a lot of alcohol, music events and costumes. We also talked about the vocabulary surrounding the festivities and the different costumes.

Of course, talking about it is not the same as actually being there but it was still fun to compare the student culture surrounding Vappu and Carnival because we could actually experience Vappu on our stay here in Finland.


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