5th Meeting

5th meeting (Tenny Yildirim, Panayiotis Panayiotou, Réka Varzsik and Lorenzo Piacenza)

On our 5th meeting was on the 14th of March on Teams online. We met online because some of us were ill and some others really busy. We decided to have a French lesson and we learned the days, months and seasons.

Days of the week (Jours de la semaine)

Monday – Lundi

Tuesday – Mardi

Wednesday – Mercredi

Thursday – Jeudi

Friday – Vendredi

Saturday – Samedi

Sunday – Dimanche


Months (Mois)

January – Janvier

February – Février

March – Mars

April – Avril

May – Mai

June – Juin

July – Juillet

August – Août

September – Septembre

October – Octobre

November – Novembre

December – Décembre


Seasons (Saisons)

Winter – Hiver

Spring – Printemps

Summer – Été

Autumn/ Fall – Automne


Yesterday – Hier

Today – Aujourd’hui

Tomorrow – Demain


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